Monday, February 21, 2011


Day 06 : Write 30 interesting fact about you.

1. I love my name ; SAFIQAH :)

2. S or M girl.

3. I love my sister damn much.

4. I like white and red combination colour.

5. I easily fall sick.

6. I dislike cockroach.

7. I'll never get sick of watching Titanic over and over again.

8. A big fan of In-team group.

9. Loves Taylor Swift so much.

10. I'll sleep with the 'eye-mask'.

11. I can drive super fast when I'm angry.

12. I easily get hungry.

13. I love Mcchicken so much.

14. Novel maniac.

15. Purdah or niqob lover.

16. I'll choose Paris for honeymoon.

17. I hate making notes.

18. I get jealous easily, un-deny-able.

19. Hate milk.

20. Study with music, that's my type of studying.

21. Insomnia.

22. I love my boyfriend damn much.

23. Eat a lot of sausage every day.

24. I like mashed pottato.

25. Idk how to swim, now.

26. I can cook well.

27. Big fan of felt craft.

28. I wanna have my own boutique, modern jubah's maybe :D

29. Shy person, believe me.

30. Engaged, secretly.


Maria James said...

*engaged, secretly*

itu menarik! haha

syafiqah @ syasya said...

hehe, masih rahsia. belum officially lg :D