Thursday, August 25, 2011

Assalamualaikum semua :)

Its been awhile since I'm not updating my blog. It was a very busy week until I didn't have any idea to write. while I wanted to update you guys with my weekdays schedule, then I admit I was so lazy to face the very-slow line of internet. I am sorry for not updating my blog as well doing the blog-walking session. For those who have followed me, thank you so much. I am appreciating my followers, and I will follow you guys back. And yeah, for those who visited my blog, I will also visit you back and follow you. sebab I tak amalkan u follow, baru I follow. I always follow blogs that caught my eyes. and the one who have the "follow" button on their blogs. And so I am back to update you guys with my weekdays story, let me share with you about things I loved to do.

Things that I always bring in my handbag :

I do this just for fun. I would like to separate the fun with my dear sister. buat lah kau :D done for today :)

Love, eyka :)


Mrs. Farhan said...

Wahhh, ada dua henset. =D

Lala Adila said...

nak no tepon babe . hehehe

syafiqah @ syasya said...

re Mrs Farhan : alahai dear, hp murah je :)

re lala : babe, later i bg. cni xblh, pengsan kang encik tunang :p