Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hi everyone ! Assalamualaikum semua :)

Yes, I am a lazy person who loves blogging so much. How's that goes ? I only updating my blog with current issues. minus the politics and whatsoever *BERSIH 2.0* is about. So, let's go to the main point. 

In few days ago, I've been eyeing so much on all the *LOMO things*. I must admit that I am not a photographer student or anykind of artsy things. but as a girl, I am deeply fall in love with the *LOMO things*. and I have my afiq, not to worry so much on how using those camera's thing.

Until I found this one kind blogshop that tells you guys so much about *LOMO things*, *Holga with it's series* and *the Diana + F series*. ohyeah ! the letter F stands for *Flash* . 

It's a *blogSHOP*. They also sell various kind of cameras and films. and they got many more accessories. and I've bought myself a very cute *SUPERHEADZ CAMERA*. they called it UWS. idk y :)

And this is the blogshop :)

Hi guys ! Meet ROFLCAM :D

And this is what I've bought ;

Hye girls ! Meet baby KUMOSAN :D and this is for only RM100 include shipping. and RM13 for the film. I am so satisfied :D *big clap for you*

Maaf ye, belum ambil gambar lagi. nanti dah ada outcome, saya upload juga :D

see you later ! :D and yeah, thanks for reading :)


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