Saturday, October 8, 2011

lovely life :)

Assalamualaikum semua :)

few days ne memang semangat rasa mau update blog. a sudden feeling. even banyak sangat assignments still I am proud sebab last minute pun boleh siap derr :D tapi still kena catch-up dengan study sebab ohmyGod ! I didin't start reading anything yet. 

study psikologi kaunseling actually bg peluang pada saya untuk merawat diri. it's kinda good feeling to know that whatever I swallow today will be very useful for the next day. and syukur lah even I'm taking Interim as my ko-kum, banyak sangat ilmu dapat dr course tu. serius. no regret feeling :)

today we learned about communication. how does it work and how to get a better comm. bestlah lecturer tadi. so, I am ambitious to be a well-speaker like him. serius langsung tak bosan. Thanks Mr Amer Azlan :D

and he also taught us how to overcome our stage fright. it's normal to have kinda feeling. for me, it is totally nothing to deliver anything in Malay, but it sounds crazzzzaaaayyyy lah when I have to deliver anything in English. mati lah. everyone pun macam tu. especially dalam kelas grammar. another few weeks will be my turn on our group presentation. and I am putting extra effort on preparing myself for the presentation. 

nothing much to update. enjoy reading peeps. and yeah, thank you so much guys for reading and following :) don't worry, i'll follow you back soon :D


Ct Aja said...

teringin sgt nak smbung amek bhgn psy mcm best jekr..

syafiqah @ syasya said...

hehe. best tau kak aja :D mcm semuanya sangkut dgn life kta :)