Monday, October 24, 2011

For a girl :)

For every single girl, there will always a guy that accidentally will get your attention. You’ve fallen for his eyes and his heights. A guy with simple personality but yet still have that heart-melting smile. Everything seems perfect from your eyes. Except one thing, he rejected you.

He did make you feel insecure. He thinks that you’re not good enough for him. And you cried so much because of a guy.

You went for a shopping, try everything on your skin. Try to be beautiful just to get his attention. Cut your hair so that he’ll notice you. Poor girl. 

Girl, you shouldn’t change anything. You have the right to love and to be loved. But a rejection is normal. We may face numbers of rejection in our life. Every girl has their own beauty. Just try to accept yourself the way you are. You’re not a beauty queen, you’re just beauty you. Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder. True. If he didn’t like you, fine. The right person will come. Just wait patiently my dear girls. 

I had this kind of feeling, once or twice. It’s hard to accept the rejection.   But with time, you’ll realize that you worth a better person my dear. Trust me. Move on girls !

Just some motivation for Monday :D Have a great starter :)