Wednesday, April 13, 2011

something must change

Assalamualaikum :) Hi all :D

I am so sick with celcom broadband. haiya, susah mau online oh pakai celcom broadband. nasib nda selalu kau macam ne, buat hal. ndapa, masih boleh dimaafkan.

This is only my own personal entry. tiada info kali ne, tp maybe kalau kamu manipulate sikit, mungkin ada juga yg kamu dapat. muahaha.

Something must change.

Things that I would like to change ;
  • mungkin dalam sebulan ne, saya mau kurangkan dulu makan fast food. kenapa ? cause I think I should start having healthier meals to avoid being fat and getting any kind of serious disease. 
  • I should exercise. I MUST EXERCISE !
  • I shoud save more. highlighted more on pennies.
  • I should change some dress-code attitude. because I feel dull and boring.
  • I should try wearing shawls ; for once. susah betul mau adjust tudung bawal -.-
SANGAT terasa miserable now ! OMG what had happen to me ?

p/s : please comment with care because I am so fragile right now.

The end.


Ct Aja said...

Moga anda tabah dlm mncapai sstu prbahan...

adila.chan said...

hey..if u want to change..make sure its for the better babe..but no matter how you dress or how big/small your size..just stay the way u are..because i love that kind of you..;)

syafiqah @ syasya said...

re ct aja : thank you syg :D

re nadia : awww~so sweet :) thank you babe :) nda sabar tnggu kau cuti :D